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The art of Aikijujutsu is one of the oldest traditions of Japanese Bujutsu. It came from the merger of several fighting styles. Mostly etiquette is a connecting link between all (disciplines) areas that a warrior learns to temper his spirit, and serves as a measure of his true fighting abilities. A unique feature of traditional Japanese culture is the presence of schools (Ryu, Ryu Ha) in various branches of art and craft. Each school can be considered in two aspects - as a special organization within which knowledge is transferred from the mentor to the student, and as knowledge as such. Many schools appeared in the martial arts by the end of the Edo era, according to experts, covering almost all aspects of military affairs. According to some there were several thousand schools.

Daito - Ryu Aikijujutsu is one of the oldest schools of Bujutsu, it is believed that it was founded in 1087 by Yoshimitsu Minamoto (1056-1127). The central temple of the Yoshimitsu clan was called Daito - "The Great East", in which Aikijujutsu classes were held, and since in Japan it was decided to name the school by the name of the place where martial arts were practiced, the name Daitoryu formed by it self- "School of the Great East". Prior to the Meiji Restoration, sword art was more popular than jujutsu, which was just beginning to be practiced.

The only exception was oshikiuchi (oshikiuchi - about - correct, shiki - etiquette, learn - inside the house)- The secret technique practiced in the palace became the art of fighting indoors, which formed the basis for the Aikijujutsu techniques, eventually supplemented by the techniques of owning a sword and the specific movement system. All human life was it to serve the Shogun. The Shogun would rerally die by natural death, usually they died on the battlefield or get themselves killed. So it was necessary to develop a system of palace etiquette that could reduce the level of violence within the household, within the clan. Oshikiuchi is a system that allows you to disarm a person without harming him Some techniques were developed to be effective even in relaxed sitting position (later known as suwari waza). These techniques belonged to the category Otome ryu, which means that the category became a martial art style hidden from the general public, and the teachings were forbidden. To understand what Aikijujutsu is, you need to understand Oshikiuchi and its history. Of course, until 1870, these techniques were used not only for disarmament, but also for killing. Oshikiuchi - was a protection system that allowed you to keep the law, and if you understand this, then you stop looking for things in Aikijujutsu that don't exist there.

The ability that comes from working with the sword to effectively coordinate your body, arms and legs, while manipulating the opponents wrists in a certain way. This is the basis of the Daitoryu technique. In addition, a significant influence on the formation of the general concept of Daitoryu came from short sword (Tanto), which was an integral part of Tamora Ryu - School of sword, designed to protect the inside of the house.

Over the centuries of hand-to-hand combat, the technique was improved and perfected by superbly trained warriors. The techniques were carefully kept secret until the end of the nineteenth century, until Master Sokaku Takeda introduced them to the general public. Later, Daitoryu became the basis for a large number of styles and trends in Aikijujutsu that are now practiced all over the world.

Aikijujutsu, in its enormous diversity, still prefers the spiritual education of students and judges their progress by changing their character, level of devotion, humanity, will, thus contributing to the prosperity of the dojo, the progress of students in mastering the basic principles, and increasing the level of personal development of each . All this allows us to dedicate worthy students to the inner secrets of art. Although the techniques may seem outdated to an outsider, it is these techniques that make art eternal. Principles are never given to students in pure form. The main criterion for comprehending the truth is practice. Long and painstaking work on each of the techniques leads you to the desired result. As with all true bujutsu, there are no quick paths to understanding in Daitoryu.

The basis of the Aikijujutsu technique is work in three planes, which gives you the opportunity to constantly bring the enemy off balance. In the course of mastering the technique, understanding comes that learning ends only with death. Only when the student begins to realize a simplicity that seems incomprehensible, makes every possible effort, proves his perseverance and perseverance - only then does he deserve the teaching and the right to teach.